Grape Harvest Running Late

Grape Harvest Running Late
TRI-CITIES—Grape growers are still waiting for the fruit to ripen.

Like a lot of crops, grapes are running about ten-days late because of cool spring temperatures.

Workers at Sagemoor Vineyard say they don't know when the grapes will be ready.

It's looking like it will be after Labor Day.

Usually it's in August.

“Potentially on a late-ripening year harvest can kind of be condensed because you can only go until the weather is good,” Derek Way, vineyard manager at Sagemoor, said.

A condensed harvest means long hours and a struggle at the end for farmers, but it all depends what the weather does in the next few weeks.

Sagemoor says it has a moderate sized crop this year.

Another challenge for some grape growers is the market.

Things have been tighter since wineries are scaling back.