New Businesses Moving Into Tri-Cities

New Businesses Moving Into Tri-Cities
TRI-CITIES -- KEPR has new details on shops and stores moving in. It could be yet another sign the Tri-Cities is bucking the bad economy. Action News drove all over the Tri-Cities to find out who's moving in.

"50,000 square feet is really important to fill that's a lot of space to fill," said Kennewick Economic Development Director Jeff Kossow.

Finally the old Joe's building is about to get filled. An Oklahoma-based arts and crafts store is moving in. Hobby Lobby should open in November.

Here's one more spot you've seen sit empty for years. This gas station on Steptoe and Gage is going to be a Rite Aid.

Baker construction has been on the job this week, demolishing the old building to make way for new construction. And they're moving quick, groundbreaking is in two weeks with plans to open by early next year.

"With the way the economy is going it's good to see growth of our company and to be able to maintain it. That tells me and everyone else around me that you know we've been aggressive enough, and that in turn helps us keep going," said Matt Lonam with Baker.

Just across the street, you might have noticed a big building going up as well.

This will be a new beauty college. Lucas Marc Academy should open by the end of the year.

KEPR Action News has also been keeping tabs on work out at Southridge. Bob's Burgers and Brews is moving right along. Z-Place Salon is also moving out here.

KEPR also learned two big box stores are looking at land nearby. All this movement is a good sign not just for our economy but for national companies.

"We do a lot of calling and the good news is taking our calls and interested again. Some are expanding some are still in the hold mode, but it is loosening a little and still see bit more," said Kossow.

All this means more construction, more jobs and more spending.

KEPR called the city of Richland to check back on that other big empty building in town, the old Circuit City.

We didn't get a call back, we'll keep trying to find out if anything is moving in.