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Local M hotel gets cleaned! M hotel gets cleaned! (Video)
KEPR is always Taking Action for You. Just yesterday, we reported a code enforcement case was opened against the abandoned M Hotel in Richland. And today, crews were out there cleaning it up.
Local (New) Hole in the Wall indoor shooting range (Video)
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The newest member of our action news team, Jordan Wilkerson, joins Abby at Hole in the Wall in Kennewick. There, the two talk gun safety, preview upcoming classes, and practice shooting.
Local 17 car prowls in West Richland 17 car prowls in West Richland (Video)
The KEPR Crime Tracker found a hot spot of car break-ins. 17 cars were hit in the same area of West Richland. KEPR found a common denominator between the break-ins and has the latest on the police department's search for a suspect.
Local Where does the heat sneak into your home? Where does the heat sneak into your home? (Video)
The thermostat has pushed back up over 100. Your electric meter many be spinning pretty quickly. KEPR looked at ways you can keep this heat out of your house. We learned the likely culprits that drive up your bill in tonight's big story.