Local Mom takes law into her own hands

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TRI-CITIES, WA. - When a Richland mom ran into an issue affecting her son, she didn't miss a beat. She took on the system to change the law. And she's finding success. We spoke with the mother whose gumption could help thousands right here in our community.

Heather Franklin is a mother of two. She was surprised when her oldest had a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy.

"It was scary at first, I thought my child was dying in my arms, that's how I felt," said mother, Heather Franklin.

Heather's son was given a special nasal spray to use if he has a seizure. She brought the medication to his Richland school -- and hit a road block. Only nurses were allowed to give it, but a nurse isn't at the school every day.

"The anxiety increases, with parents that have children that are going to school everyday, to hear that the nurses there are only one day a week was very alarming and I knew that it need to change," said Franklin.

Heather told me is was so unnerving she would keep her son out of school some days.

"It was devastating as a parent, all children need to be able to go to school and be safe," said Franklin.

So Heather took her case to Olympia and contacted local Representative Brad Klippert. He helped create a House Bill that would allow any trained person, like a teacher or administrator to give her son the life saving medication if needed.

"Virtually all we need are people to be back-up, that's it, it's pretty simple, my eight year old daughter can give the medication," said Franklin.

Just this week the bill passed the state house unanimously. It's expected to also pass the state senate. ARC of the Tri-Cities helps thousands of local folks with Epilepsy.

"We appreciate people in our community going to the legislators and speaking up on behalf of all families," said ARC program manager Donna Tracy.

ARC has found some doctors are hesitant to give out the nasal spray medication, knowing the limitations that come with it. The change Heather is making will go beyond just her family.

"To me this bill represents families standing up and saying our kids need to be included, our kids deserve the right to participate in our community," said Tracy.

Officials and staff say they are very confident the Bill, written by Representative Klippert, will be signed into law, that could take effect later this Summer.