Double the Truckloads of Radioactive Waste

Double the Truckloads of Radioactive Waste »Play Video
HANFORD—Washington Hanford Closure claimed a huge milestone: 15 million miles of road traveled to remove contaminated waste from the Columbia River Corridor.

Action News discovered, the company got to this point sooner because of stimulus money and ramped up clean-up work.

Jeff Armatrout manages the landfill officially known as “ERDA” or the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility. He says that's about 600 truckloads a day, compared to half that before the federal dollars.

"When stimulus money came in we bought four new bulldozers, 20 new shuttle trucks, several facility improvements, and infrastructure for roads to get people in and out quicker and safer."

Hanford's landfill includes eight "cells". Each holds almost three million tons of waste, with more on the way. Now it’s building two "supercells" -- basically doubling the landfill's capacity. Officials there say there’s enough room for a total of 20 to 28 cells.