N Reactor Demolitions on Schedule

N Reactor Demolitions on Schedule
HANFORD – It has been a big week for Hanford. On Tuesday new deadlines and a tentative new Tri-Party agreement was announced and then Wednesday another milestone at the site.

On of the most remote spots on the site, it was the last nuclear reactor to operate. Now it's getting turned to rubble.

Unless you work out here, you never get to see what goes on beyond the barricades.

The N Reactor is about as far away on the site as you can get. The only workers out here are likely on a clean-up or demolition crew. One by one the buildings are getting torn down.

Last year, out at the same area crews demolished the main ventilation unit. But no explosives were used this time for the cooling water building demolition.

Instead crews are taking this building apart bit by bit because they have to be extra careful because of how close it is to the Columbia River.

"Make sure we're not getting anything toward the river," Ruben Trevino said.

Trevino is the deputy project manager for Washington Closure Hanford. He has worked out here for a quarter-century and still gets a little nostalgic.

"I was here when it was operating and then shut down when it went on hot standby and now the final phase of demolition. It is kind of like home to me, but we do what we have to do," Trevino said.

And they’re doing it on schedule and under budget according to the Department of Energy.

This is the final stage of taking apart the N-Reactor. It has to be completed by 2012 and the whole contract is up in 2015.

"There's a lot progress being made out here. We talk about the 2015 deadline but it's good to see it step by step so people know that we're getting the job done," said Cameron Hardy with DOE.