Hanford's "N" Reactor Stored Away

Hanford's "N" Reactor Stored Away
HANFORD - "The N Reactor is unique from all the other reactors here at Hanford. It's because it not only produced plutonium for national defense, but it also produced electricity, enough to power a city like Seattle," said Dept Of Energy Spokesman Cameron Hardy.

Now, the remains of the dual reactor are being stored away.

The reactor will remain in a steel cocoon for 75 years.

"Basically we put it inside a structure with a roof to protect those while radioactive sources decay away. So the rest of the structure will be demolished around it, and then we'll cocoon it with a roof over it," said Hanford D-4 Director Bobby Smith.

Project managers told Action News this phase of the project is important for many reasons.

"It's adjacent right to the river, so from an environmental standpoint it's a major focus for all the stake holders to clean this up and reduce the risk to the workers, environment, and to protect the river," said Smith.