Pretreatment Plant Done With Phase One

Pretreatment Plant Done With Phase One
RICHLAND - "This is probably the most interesting project going on in the United States," said WTP Assistant Director Bill Gay.

He's talking about the pretreatment plant in Richland. Phase One testing is complete.

"When the WTP does start up, they'll be less unanswered questions, and hopefully things will now go smoother," said WTP Ecologist Suzanne Dahl.

Getting to this point has been a long time coming. Obviously, money has been a factor.

"It's like a car," said WTP Project Manager John Truax. "And if you can get it to go 25 miles to the gallon instead of 15, it doesn't take as much gas. If you have fewer high level waste canisters, it will cost less to process the waste."

So Phase One is done. Phase Two is more construction on the VIT Plant itself -- which will ultimately receive the waste, but that finish line is still a decade away.