Fewer Hanford Workers to Be Laid Off

Fewer Hanford Workers to Be Laid Off
UPDATE: The DOE reports May 25th that lay-off numbers indeed will come in at around 1,600 total, as had been previously predicted.

RICHLAND -- Washington River Protection is ahead of schedule on all of its federal stimulus projects, which will allow them to retain all 250 stimulus hires.

TriDEC has now revised its estimate of 1,600 stimulus job losses by the expiration of stimulus money this Fall. Now, about 1,000 jobs are expected to disappear.

In addition to getting the projects done on time, Washington River Protection reports no significant on-the-job injuries during the stimulus projects, which have included Hanford site demolition, infrastructure construction, and the building of office space. Their construction work has been recognized for its energy-effeciency by the Department of Energy.

The early completion allows the contractor to get stimulus workers "rolled over" into other projects before the start of the new fiscal year.