ERDF Ahead of Schedule and $16.4 Million Under Budget

ERDF Ahead of Schedule and $16.4 Million Under Budget
HANFORD -- KEPR continues to follow the cleanup efforts at Hanford. And all that waste has to go somewhere.

ERDF is a low-level radioactive and mixed waste disposal facility. It's known as the "hub of clean up".

ERDF is a giant landfill and now two new super cells are ready to be filled with waste.

Stimulus money helped pay for the landfill's expansion.

KEPR found out the project is seven months ahead of schedule and $16.4 million under budget.

"Last year, we were very proud, not only did we build it under budget and safely but we did it while were were having a record year for production. We doubled what we did from the prior year," said Bruce Covert, Director of Waste Operations for Washington Closure.

Staying ahead of schedule isn't easy when you're out working in the elements. On Wednesday, work had to shut down because of concerns of the wind picking up waste debris.