Consumer Reports: Clear choices for new dishwashers

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CONSUMER REPORTS --  Dishwashers last about ten years, so it's not every day you have to think about buying a new one. Chances are your needs have changed, too. Consumer Reports tested nearly 100 and can tell you which ones will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

You might feel "overloaded" with all of the choices if you're looking for a new dishwasher.

Consumer Reports says job 1 of any dishwasher is clean dishes. And its tests are tough! Testers spend a day dirtying dishes, glasses, and silverware – smearing on peanut butter, sauce, egg yolks, spinach and more. Then, the dishes are left in the dishwasher overnight – letting all that food get caked-on, just like you might do.

"A dishwasher that does well in our tests, whether very good or excellent, should be able to handle anything you throw at it," said Emilio Gonzalez of Consumer Reports.

Some dishwashers leave behind small bits of food, but many dishwashers produce nice clean dishes.

After cleaning performance, there is more to consider, like run time.

"The normal cycle for most dishwashers these days is between two and three hours," Gonzalez said.

This $800 Blomberg cuts cycle time almost in half with an 85-minute normal cycle. It is a bit noisy, but, even with its shorter cycle, the dishes come out super-clean.

In the end, top ratings went to this $1,300 Kenmore Elite from Sears, which solves another problem. With most dishwashers' spray arms, if something like a stray fork gets in its path, it gets stuck and the water can't reach everywhere. The Kenmore Elite has a motorized spray arm, so when it hits the fork, it reverses direction.

The Kenmore Elite is also available without the motorized spray arm for $100 less.

Consumer Reports also named a Best Buy for about half the price. It's a little bit noisier and doesn't have a stainless-steel tub, but it delivers excellent cleaning power. It's the $730 Bosch Ascenta Model. It's available online at Lowe's.