Mislabeled infant formula pulled from Fred Meyer, QFC stores

Mislabeled infant formula pulled from Fred Meyer, QFC stores
SEATTLE - A popular brand of soy infant formula has been pulled from the shelves of all Fred Meyer and QFC stores after it was found that hundreds of containers of the product had been tampered with.

The problem was discovered when a customer in Kirkland found that the label on a container of Earth's Best soy organic formula peeled off to reveal the label of a cheaper brand underneath, said Melinda Merrill, spokesperson for Fred Meyer and QFC stores.

Merrill said more containers of the product were checked, and the same double-labeling was discovered on more of them. The product has now been removed from all 233 stores in both chains, which are owned by the same corporation.

She called the double-labeling a "surprising and stunning" development, and added the company is trying to determine how it happened.

Merrill noted there is a black market for baby formula, in which a cheaper brand is covered with the label of a more expensive one. But she said Fred Meyer and QFC stores take active measures to prevent such products from reaching their shelves, and it's unclear what happened in this case.

"It is unacceptable and not the way we do business," Merrill said.

Anyone who has any of the questionable product is encouraged to return it to the store for a refund or for another product.