"Breaking Dawn" Release Party and Benefit

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The Tri-Cities have been bitten by the Twilight Fever! Fans all over the globe are counting down the days until the release of the latest film in the Twilight saga, "Breaking Dawn"!
But local fans can get their Twilight fix earlier than most.
Action News dropped by a rehearsal of the Edith Bishel Center's Breaking Dawn release party cast which includes some dead-on character look-alikes!
Emily Massa plays Alice Cullen, "i'm a huge Twilight fan!" Then there's Edward, Rosalie, Jacob and Bella even the Volturi Jane! The actors at the Edith Bishel Center look so much like the characters, it makes you wonder if the Washington setting for the Twilight Saga is more than just a coincidence.
More than just looking the part Acting Coach Bethany Rigazo helps them bring their characters to life, "They've been working really hard for a couple of months working on tone and blocking"
This is a major fundraising event for the Edith Bishel Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It includes 12 skits from the film, a vintage fashion show, audience interaction, a silent and live auction with exclusive items from Summit entertainment you can't get anywhere else, plus dinner, wine, dancing, a guaranteed ticket to the midnight showing without having to wait in line, and one more thing says Fundraising Director Cynthis McCready, "Don't forget the characters are there! You can get a picture taken with Jakob on the back of his dirt bike for a 2 dollar donation"
It's a Twi-Hard's dream come true. Just ask Emily Massa, "I'm psyched! If you're a huge twilight fan, I think you should come"
But don't wait to buy your ticket, sales end Monday, and Cynthia says no exceptions will be made.
"Its just required by the vampire chef and I have no choice and if I argue with him, he bites me!"
Twilight fans its time to unite and support the blind and visually impaired! And support Team Edward and Team Jakob ... they need you too.

Jennifer Ann Wilson will be at The Breaking Dawn Release Party as the modeling coach for the vintage runway show. You can join her next Thursday the 17th at the TRAC, tickets are $55 for both the event and the midnight showing at the Carmike. Monday is the last day to buy tickets! Check out the link on our website for more info! http://www.edithbishelcenter.org/pdf/Art%20Contest%20Flyer.pdf