'Our country is in peril and we are concerned'

'Our country is in peril and we are concerned'
PROSSER, Wash. -- Months of anticipation have finally arrived. Caucus Day 2012 in Washington.

Marilyn Bolt was one of nearly 100 people who showed up to the caucus at the Red Barn restaurant in Prosser.

"I just want to learn all I can and then tell my friends," Marilyn said.

Marilyn says she came out to vote, and help decide her precincts' delegate. She, like many, also use the time to discuss political issues with others.

Based on population, 2 or more delegates are selected to represent the precinct in county elections this April. From there, they will vote at the state level this Summer. The republican presidential candidate who receives the most delegate votes will be the nominee for the state.

Dan Greene is a two-time delegate in Benton county. He says today's event is very important. It's where it all starts for Washington voters.

"A local level, with people getting together, is how as a country we decide who are officials are going to be," Greene said.

Rebecca Cook is the Benton County Chairman. She said there are 3 times the amount of people here than in 2010. Washington no longer holds a primary. And There was concern not as many people would show up to a caucus.

"(Why do you think there are greater numbers than the previous years?) I think because our country is in peril, and we are concerned and want to make a difference," Rebecca said.

Trying to make a difference. One vote at a time.