Update on boy who fell out of 2nd story window

Update on boy who fell out of 2nd story window »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY – KEPR has the latest on the little boy who fell from his second story window Thursday.

Action News has confirmed 5-year-old Luke Durst remains in critical condition. His family's blog posts online say the little boy's brain pressure is low, which is a good sign, and his other vital signs are strong. He does remain on a ventilator at Spokane Children's Hospital.

Neighbors in the Cottonwood development near Kennewick are still in shock, after realizing one of their own tumbled out that window onto the concrete driveway.

“There's never cops around our neighborhood so it was kind of a big thing,” said neighbor Brandon Auckland. “It's kind of surreal that something like that would happen to people, I wouldn't think that would happen.”

KEPR learned the boy had been playing in the upstairs playroom with his brothers when he fell.