Neighbors react to justified homicide in Pasco

Neighbors react to justified homicide in Pasco »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- KEPR knocked on the doors of neighbors on Savary Drive to get their views on the Pasco shooting.

Homeowner Rudy Ontiveros had the support of many neighbors throughout the ordeal. Some say they're relieved to hear he won't be held criminally responsible for Stephan Aceves' death.

Ontiveros' next-door neighbor tells KEPR she thinks the Energy Northwest security guard has been in his own state of mourning, struggling to get back to everyday life.

Barbara Brower-Jones said, "It's not what he wanted to do, trust me. It's been very difficult. It could have been any of us. What are you going to do? I believe he was justified in what he had to do that night, as unfortunate as it was."

Not everyone living on Savary Drive thinks the homicide was justified. A few neighbors we spoke to think Ontiveros shot to kill Aceves and should be held accountable.

They were not willing to go on camera.