Kennewick man faces assault charges with gun

Kennewick man faces assault charges with gun
---KENNEWICK POLICE NEWS RELEASE---On February 25, 2012 at 1546 hours, Carcamo-Lopez called police on the 911 line reporting he was being shot at by a male. Police responded with their lights and sirens coming up to the scene locating the suspect later identified as James Kammeyer. Kammeyer was taken into custody without further Incident.

It was reported that Kammeyer showed up at Carcamo-Lopez's house on Yost un-announced. Kammeyer made a threat to Carcamo-Lopez and told Carcamo-Lopez he better run. Kammeyer then went back to his truck and pulled out a rifle and started shooting at Carcamo-Lopez as Carcamo-Lopez was running away to a neighboring house. Several shots were reported to have been fired. Soon after, Kammeyer caught up with Carcamo-Lopez hiding at a nearby neighboring house. Carcamo-Lopez tried to wrestle the firearm away from being pointed at him while Kammeyer threatened to shoot Carcamo-Lopez. Kammeyer gave up the altercation with Carcamo-Lopez and went back to his truck dropping the firearm off inside the truck. Police arrived about this time and took Kammeyer into custody. Officers obtained a search warrant for the crime scene and the truck that Kammeyer drove to the scene. A loaded firearm was located in the truck. Spent shell casings were located at the crime scene.

Kammeyer was transported to Benton County Jail and booked on a 72-hour-hold for investigation of Assault in the First Degree.

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