Boardman Data Center Put on Hold

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BOARDMAN - A big construction project has been put on hold. This time last year, Action News told you about a data center linked to going up in Boardman.

A year later, the building is empty and unfinished.

Since Action News was last there, a lot has been done: roads, infrastructure, water hydrants. The building is up but it's only a shell.

"They actually built the shell and decided to wait until later on to complete it. But the plans are to restart soon," said Port of Morrow General Manager Gary Neal.

From the beginning, this project has been pretty hush hush. It's going to be a data center for a company called V.A. Data.

But Oregon newspapers report that the $35 million facility is actually for

Although the company doesn't confirm it because they don't disclose the locations of data centers for security reasons.

The economy could be catching up to the company, the facility was supposed to be open by now, but instead it sits empty and unfinished.

"We're hearing that it's the third quarter to be completed so we're excited about that," said Neal.

Excited to get moving again after what turned out to be a slow year for economic development for the Port of Morrow.

"2009 was a year of stability not a growth year, but that's OK. There wasn't as many new leads for business opportunities that we're working on but we're starting to see them again."

There are $20 million worth of opportunities already lined up.

Stimulus money bought them a $1 million in rail improvements and another $10 million in grants for a new rail yard.

The Oregon Legislature gave the port another $10 million for road improvements.

And the port also secured more than $2 million for an agricultural visitor center.

The data center is supposed to bring in 200 construction jobs and two dozen workers once completed.

Port of Morrow officials say the data center should be done by late summer.