Richland Tests Out Curbside Recycling

Richland Tests Out Curbside Recycling
RICHLAND -- It saves the planet but, many say, recycling in Richland can be such a chore.

"I think they should have it. it upsets me that they don't," recycler Lisa Marsh said.

Right now, folks have to go to drop sites to toss their recycables. Marsh begrudgingly comes to the drop bin at the Richland Walmart twice a week.

"I forgot to go to the one at Ace Hardware, so I had to spend more money in gas to come over here," she said.

"I only do it because i have to come this way once a week," recycler Leona Douglas said.

Despite some good efforts to recycle, solid waste management reps said the program's mediocre. Only five in 100 people actually use the bins to recycle.

"It works okay, but we think we can get a lot more material at the curb," Kip Eagles said, Solid Waste Management Manager for the City of Richland.

Most just throw everything in the trash and that means the landfill is filling up quickly. It will be filled by 2013. And possibly half of the mess could have been recycled.

"For the solid waste department it's kind of fun to do something different, and ecological" Eagles said.

Eagles said four Richland neighborhoods will try two different options.

Option ONE: alternate garbage and recycling week to week.
Option TWO: pick up garbage weekly, recycling bi-weekly.

"I'd like it 100%. I'm jealous of the other cities that have it," Marsh said.

"It would be wonderful, it would be so convenient," Douglas said.

Eagles said neither option will cost you anymore than you're already paying. and the number of people recycling could go from five percent to 50.

The drop boxes will be there no matter what.

City council will vote on the curbside recycling test in two weeks.