Meth Bust in Several Spots Around Tri-Cities

Meth Bust in Several Spots Around Tri-Cities
TRI-CITIES - On Wednesday, there several major meth busts around the Tri-Cities. More than a dozen people were taken into custody, ten arrests. Four people arrested are from the Tri-Cities.

A 15 count indictment triggered the raids. Police say it is part of a major meth ring that stretched from North Dakota, Montana, to Idaho and right back here.

Neighbors told Action News there were several police outside early his house Wednesday morning. Police won't confirm the spots they raided, but a house in East Pasco is believed to be part of busts all over the Tri-Cities.

Neighbors tell me it wasn't just cops, it was also immigration that showed up.

Two hundred officers swooped in for a half dozen raids in the Tri-Cities and the same thing was happening in Spokane at the same time.

The investigation lasted more than a year, focusing on a massive meth operation. There were 26 pounds of meth and cocaine confiscated. Cops say this ring is linked to gangs.