Court Papers Detail Love Triangle in Walla Walla Murder

Court Papers Detail Love Triangle in Walla Walla Murder »Play Video

WALLA WALLA -- KEPR is still looking into the shocking murder of an 18-year old girl,  who apparently lost her life in a fight over a man. 

The Walla Walla mother of four who's accused of stabbing the girl to death, has now made her first appearance in court.

Court papers show Angela Effinger admits starting the deadly fight.  A day after Audrey Brewer lost her life in a Walla Walla parking lot, KEPR saw several people come to pay their respects at this makeshift memorial.

The visitors included the 18-year-old's grandparents.

Police say Audrey was murdered by her boyfriend's ex, who was unhappy she'd been left for another woman.

The wound is still fresh for those who knew both Audrey, and the mother of four now accused of killing her.

"I can't believe it it's like not real it's surreal. I just talked to her that day, my kid baby sat for her," said a friend and neighbor of Angela Effinger.

"I was devastated. I knew both of the girls and I never thought neither of them was capable of something like this," said Gloria Galvan.

But court papers tell a different story.

They say the two women agreed to fight in the Blue Mountain Mall parking lot.

Detectives believe Angela Effinger dropped her kids off at a friend's, and brought along a kitchen knife.

The police report says, on the way to the fight, Angela argued with the man they were fighting over sending a profane text saying she would scalp Audrey and maybe her new boyfriend, Andrae Jackson.

According to court papers Angela told police that she had started hitting Audrey first, when Audrey started to fight back that's when Angela says she pulled the knife from her pocket and swung it at Audrey's shoulder then felt something wet on her hands that's when, she says, she drove back home.

The coroner says that one wound not only severed a major artery but also punctured both of Audrey's lungs.

Angela was in court Wednesday morning on charges of premeditated murder and could face life in prison.

Her neighbor says the other victims here could end up being Angela's four kids.

Two of them are just toddlers.

Angela's friend and neighbor said, "The two little ones aren't even gonna know who their mom is... and who's gonna take care of them?  It's just a really sad sad thing that happened," says Angela Effinger's friend and Neighbor who chose to remain anonymous.

The Walla Walla community is struggling to cope with this one act of violence that has hurt so many.

"An eighteen year old losing her life.  It's just not worth it...especially fighting over a man," says Gloria Galvan. 

Bail for Angela Effinger was set at $250,000.  She has been assigned a public defender and could be arraigned as early as next Monday.

Audrey's family says they are still planning her memorial service but couldn't give us a date yet.

And to get all sides, KEPR also tried to reach Andrae Jackson, the man this fight was over.

His phone is no longer accepting calls and we were told he took his Facebook page down.

If you'd like to read court papers filed in this case, you can read the paperwork here.