Rally In Downtown Walla Walla to Save Octopus Mural

Rally In Downtown Walla Walla to Save Octopus Mural
WALLA WALLA--Hundreds of people rallied in downtown Walla Walla in support of saving the Inland Octopus mural.

Four year old Michaela Adams is making sure she's heard.

She told KEPR Action News she really wants to keep the octopus up.

Michaela showed off the signs she made with her sister. The reason she likes the the Inland Octopus is simple enough.

"My favorite thing is the ballet shoes," Michaela Adams said.

Everyone's reason is different.

"I think it's a really cool mural," Kyrstin Brower said.

"There's a lot of awesome toys in there," Trevor Smith said.

It's not just kids parading around in the purple.

People of all ages are showing support waving signs like, "What's the octo-fuss?"

This all started when the city ordered the store to remove the mural.

It considers it a sign and therefore a code violation because signs cannot be this big. But fans of the octopus don't get the problem.

"It's something that represents our kids. It makes people smile when they go by," Machelle Schneider said.

Supporters got connected through a Facebook page that Action News uncovered a week ago.

People donated their time handing out pins and making balloon hats.

The number of followers has grown to more than 3,000.

"I wasn't expecting it to get as big as it is. I was just trying to get the word out to people," Kevin Schenefield said.

The page creator says he's hoping the rally will help change city hall's mind, but when KEPR Action News talked to city officials just a few days ago, they told us their decision stands and public outcry will not be taken into consideration.

Still, the people who love this octopus mural are not giving up.

They'll continue to wear their purple proudly and tell anyone who's listening.

The owner told Action News he is being fined $100 a day for keeping the mural up.