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BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Accused baby killer Kelli Jacobsen appeared in court Wednesay, but the focus was on her attorney, Scott Johnson.

A judge agreed to let Johnson withdraw from the case. He cited attorney-client privilege and refused to give reasons for the withdrawal in open court.

"I suppose I could dig my heels in and say I'm not going to talk and the court could throw me in jail, but I just can't divulge conversations between my client and I in a public setting without an order of the court," he said in court.

Johnson told the Judge his reasons behind closed doors. When they returned, the judge granted the motion. Another public defender will be assigned to Jacobsen's case.

The prosecuting attorney hopes this doesn't delay things any further.

"I can't predict how the new counsel that's appointed will prepare or move forward with this case, but from our perspective, we're ready to go forward in February," said Prosecutor Laurel Whittier.

Jacobsen was charged in 2011 for the death of one year old Ryder Morrison. A previous trial in last year ended with a hung jury.

Her new trial is set for early February.

Kelli Jacobsen's attorney withdraws from case

Attorney Scott Johnson cited attorney-client privilege.