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PASCO, Wash. -- The school year is underway and the KEPR Crime Tracker is continuing to look at school zones.

We uncovered a steadily rising number of speeding tickets issued in Pasco.

Signs and flashing lights don't seem to be enough to get the message across in Pasco. Drivers just keep blowing through school zones.

"There's times I've yelled. I've yelled at the people."

Take Karen Thorn. The mother of three lives just blocks from McGee Elementary. School zone signs outside her house have gone unheeded for the seven years she's lived there.

She's had to limit the time her kids play in the front yard.

"They don't pay attention when they're outside riding their scooters or playing with their RC cars, I don't want them to be where they can get hit," she says.

And the growing number of speeders has a reached a fever pitch this school year.

In 2012, Pasco dished out 213 school zone infractions. The number jumped up to 260 last year. And since January this year, already 312 citations.

That about a 50 percent spike since 2012.

"The past several years, obviously, we've seen an increase in population and rooftops and schools being developed in the city, so with that you'll see an increase in enforcement levels," says Pasco Captain Jim Raymond.

But we haven't had a 50% population increase since 2012, either. Captain Raymond credits more patrolling of the hot spots. That's on top of Pasco spending more than $100 thousand on signage across town in the last year.

But just putting out those neon signs and flashing lights isn't going to be enough. Police say they're going to continue their emphasis patrols to make sure they cut back on those speeders that they're seeing more of than ever.

As of this week, Richland hasn't written a single school zone speeding ticket for the current school year. Kennewick has just over 20.

Police say they the first few weeks of school are normally used to educated drivers, not necessarily issue tickets.

Fines can more than double for speeding near a school.

Pasco cracking down on school zone speeders

Pasco Police have issued more school zone-related citations over the past three years.