WorkSource gets more funding

WorkSource gets more funding
BENTON/FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- There will be more opportunities for people looking for a job. Our local WorkSource office got tens of thousands more than last year -- to help put you back to work. The money can directly impact programs that get more people jobs.

Veronica uses WorkSource's direct application program. The state just gave our local office an extra 86 thousand dollars to keep the direct application program around.

It can help you get the qualifications or gear needed for a job.

Cos Edwards manages our local WorkSource branch. He's says the extra money will allow the office to help find jobs for as many as 20 more people a year. Which is substantial when you consider those 20 families didn't exist last year.

"It's good for everybody. You go from being a recipient of tax dollars to actually being a tax payer,” Cos says.

Veronica is just happy for the help.

Reporter: "Do you think the government has an obligation to help people like this or give money into Work Source?"
Veronica: "I don't think they have an obligation, but it's something they're going to do and I think they're making the right choice."

While our local unemployment rate stays almost a point above the state average -- officials say these extra funds will help us take that down one job at a time.

The state gave out almost four-million-dollars less than last year. Money is distributed based on population, unemployment levels, and the percentage of low-income people.