Witness to murder will testify

Witness to murder will testify
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - KEPR is continuing to cover a murder case out of Kennewick.

An eyewitness told police he didn't plan to cooperate. But Michael Billardo changed his tune after sitting in jail for a week.

He told a judge he would testify against accused killer, Grant Scantling. That will be done behind closed doors.

Prosecutors say there are handwritten notes proving Scantling planned the murder.

Today, they tried to prove that evidence was found during a legal search of Scantling's home.

Det. Issac Merkl, with Kennewick Police said, "The box was sitting like this on the floor, next to the bed. And the papers, the papers are in a different order in here but they were on top of the box like that."

Scantling's defense attorney hoped to get the notes thrown out but the judge said they can be part of the trial.

The 42-year old has turned down a plea deal. Prosecutors believe the murder was motivated by a love triangle.