Wind leaves destruction across the Tri-Cities

Wind leaves destruction across the Tri-Cities »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Some of you are telling us yesterdays wind storm was the worst you've ever seen here in the Tri-Cities. From a wrecked school to a tipped over semi-truck, KEPR looked at how the wind did damage.

Bryce Hoburg and Clayton Gierke were driving down Highway 397 when they a tipped over semi-truck.

"Uh, that's pretty nuts, it was a cool picture so we stopped by to take a picture of it," said Clayton Gierke.

A semi-truck was knocked over by the wind on Saturday. WSP and Benton Fire crews were called to the scene. About 60 gallons of fuel spilled onto the highway. Officials say they are leaving the truck on the side of the road until the wind dies down enough to upright it.

"Yesterday was probably the strongest I've seen in a while," said Bryce Hoburg.

And he was one of the unlucky ones. Traveling down 240 during the heart of the storm.

"We had to be stopped cause there was a 3-foot tall thing of tumble weeds that crossed the road and a snow truck had to come by and plow it," said Hoburg.

Trees down, power lines down, and dust so bad...causing low visibility for drivers.

The front of a structure of a Pasco school that's been in the works for the past five months was completely destroyed by the wind storm.

At least 20 cars stopped to take pictures while we were there - a shocking site for the community.

"It's amazing...It's amazing that the wind would cause that much damage and it was amazing that it wasn't properly braced," said Fred Serier.

He said he's seen roofs blown off by the wind, but nothing like this. He's wants to know who's responsible for the mess.

"Who has to pay for it, do the taxpayers now have to pay for the damage or is the contractor going to pay for the damage?"

A question Action News is working to find out. In the mean time, Clayton has some advice to anyone coping with the wind.

"Stay inside."

The Pasco school is set to open up in the fall. We are working to find out if this wreck means a delay.