White Bluffs Bladderpod not on Franklin County farms

White Bluffs Bladderpod not on Franklin County farms
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - It seems an endangered flower doesn't even exist in Franklin County.

A group of scientists determined the near-extinct White Bluffs Bladderpod isn't on farm land.

It's quite a shock considering the government threatened to seize land where the flower was thought to be growing.

The state farmers association paid close to $20,000 for DNA testing of the flower.

The White Bluffs Bladderpod was compared to flowers on Franklin County farm land. There wasn't a match.

Proof, the farmers and county commissioners say, that US Fish and Wildlife have no right to take their land.

Faith Phipps, "I live in the best place in the world along the river there and i have the best neighbors. this is very emotional and I'm so thankful."

Today was the last day for the public to submit comments to the feds on the issue.

The farmers plan to sue to save their land if they have to.