What happened to the M Hotel in Richland?

What happened to the M Hotel in Richland?
RICHLAND, Wash. -- They took reservations, but they couldn't keep 'em. It's a story you have all contacted KEPR about. What happened to the M Hotel in Richland?

"We've used this place quite often," said Carol Petersen.

Petersen lives down the road from the M Hotel in Richland. Every day for the past week and half, she's been driving by, wondering what happened.

"They're very nice people, they have a nice restaurant, and we've been looking forward to the swimming, and they have very nice accommodations, so it's been kind of a zap to us that they're closed."

She saw a KEPR car at the hotel on George Washington Way while passing by. She thought we might have some answers. But since the owner won't return our phone calls, we didn't have much for her.

Conferences to be held at the M Hotel, that have already been paid for, have now been rescheduled. We've heard from multiple people who showed up for their meeting only to find a few notices and a white board that says, 'Motel closed until further notice'.

"It's not just conferences though, it's the individual travelers who have booked, and they show up and there's nowhere to stay so, we've had several walk-ins because of that," the Red Lion Hanford House General Manager, Ian Napier.

The manager says his main goal is to accommodate the guests who no longer have a place to stay. They've matched the rates people expected to pay at the M Hotel.

But in the mean time, a 24-hour security guard is turning everyone away.

"It's a shock and it's making people really curious, we would like to kind of know what's going on," said Petersen.

And as far as a time line for reopening -- it's not clear. Attempts to contact the owner and manager have been unsuccessful.

"if I was a betting man, I wouldn't bet on it opening again," said the manager.

If you remember, this hotel just built an indoor mini-water park. It opened in July, which was more than a year after originally planned. It had a rock climbing wall and a slide. The hotel's owner had put up that investment.