West Richland deals with more crime

West Richland deals with more crime
WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - Lena Cable lives in the Paradise South neighborhood of West Richland. She's seen a change in her community.

"I think that things are maybe trickling down from the valley", she said.

Those things include crime. Lena's own neighborhood was targeted for crime in recent weeks.

Thieves made a run on prowling cars, eight were hit in just one day.
Trouble started on Maplewood Ave, and worked its way south to Kirkwood. People lost cash and electronics. Police say they have leads but no arrests.

Just a few neighborhoods away, a 12 year-old girl said a couple of men tried to force her into their car, the week before Christmas.
West Richland Police combed the area near Holly Way but came up empty. They've interviewed some suspects but no arrests.

Lena said, "I think that's just the sign of the times really. I don't, things are going to get better before they get worse."

While most crimes in West Richland are considered misdemeanors, cops aren't going to wait for something bad to happen. They are planning to get back into the community this year with the help of a few programs.

These programs include launching the city's first neighborhood watch.
West Richland also plans to expand the service that has volunteers assisting police.

Capt. Al Escalera said, "The way you're going to get results is truly to have the community involved in crime solving that's what we're looking to do."

Lena hopes to be one of the community members who gets involved so that she can feel secure in West Richland.

"My hopes is that it's a safe place, me and every other parent wants the same thing," she said.

Police call this recent spike in crime the result of random acts.

They tell KEPR it's typical to see a rise in crime as the population increases.