West Richland Fire Department to get new tools

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- The West Richland fire department will be getting some new gadgets thanks to a grant from FEMA.

The 45 thousand dollar grant will be used to purchase six new thermal imaging readers. The readers are used by fire fighters in burning buildings to find people trapped inside.

Currently, the department only has two, one of which barely works.

"If that truck goes out on a fire out of district, our in-district-- we don't have any type of thermal imaging capabilities, so if we are able to have more than one, chance to have one in district, that'll better our citizens and better us," says Firefighter John Derderian.

The old readers are over a decade old and barely work. The new readers cost about 75 hundred dollars a pop and they hope to get them by the end of the year.