Watch where you park at Howard Amon Park

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Big changes for the park you voted the most popular in the Tri-Cities. Some parking spots are no longer available at Howard Amon.

Parking space can often be hard to find in this area.

Howard Amon Park in Richland is a popular hangout in the summer. Not just for planned activities like Art in the Park or the Tumbleweed Music Festival, but for everyday visits.

Robert Carlson brings his dog to Howard Amon every day.

He said "I usually park further away, like over by the federal building and then walk over here because there's no choice."

He didn't even notice the new "no parking" signs. Richland made parts of Amon Park Drive a no parking zone.

"There's never been a problem, everyone drives nice and slow through here,"he said.

But Richland says the old system was a public safety risk. Too many cars cause too tight of a squeeze. Emergency vehicles would be hard-pressed to push their way through. The new rules are already in place. Ignore the signs and you could get towed.

Businesses in the area didn't even know a change was coming. They tell KEPR they're going to keep a closer eye on their parking lots to make sure no one's parked there illegally.

The city says you've got other options and some may include a further walk to the park.

Dave Pardini with the city said, "Lee Boulevard has street parking now. You could park behind the CRHEST Museum, in that area."

In other words, anywhere you don't see a no parking sign.

Still, Robert has more ideas to free up spaces. He said,"all they would have to do is change the rock barrier here a little bit to provide ample parking."

For now, at your next company picnic, snow cone stop, or sunbathing trip, allow yourself extra time to park , at this park.