Washington sees 10 months of job growth

Washington sees 10 months of job growth »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Our state's job numbers continue to grow for the tenth month in a row.

Jeanette Ogren is a retired teacher, but still subs from time to time.
She's looking for work to help supplement her husband's income.

"I'm looking for a different job to do something maybe part time -- changing careers a little bit," she says.

She says working as substitute teacher just doesn't pay the bills anymore.

"One month you might work every day, and then the next month you might go half a month or four or five days and then you're like, oh that was nice," she went on.

But even while Jeanette searches for work, she was encouraged that Washington state and the job market hit hard by the recession is slowly recovering.

"It tells me there's jobs out there, you just have to know where to look. And then work on your resume and your interview skills and your cover letter and things like that," Jeanette continued.

Washington State has seen ten straight months of job growth, adding an average of 6,000 jobs a month. Last month alone, the state added almost eleven-thousand jobs, beating experts' projections and slowly adding back the jobs lost in the recession.

"If we continue growing. It's very slow growth, but if we continue growing, even at this rate, we should be back to the level of 2007 employment by mid summer of next year," says Ajsha Suljic, a Worksource employment expert.

If you're in the hunt, the best industries to find a job are education and construction, which gives Jeanette some hope for her family.

"That makes me feel positive about Washington state--I'm concerned about the country in general," Jeanette says.

While the state's unemployment rate is on par with the county's--with another ten months of job growth, we might just set the new trend.

Experts with the Employment Security Department say Washington has regained about 83 percent of the jobs lost since the recession. As of July, there were roughly 240 thousand people unemployed in in the state -- almost 50 of them claimed unemployment benefits.