Walla Walla fire captain a hero

Walla Walla fire captain a hero
WALLA WALLA, Wash. - Saving someone's life isn't usually on the to-do list while on vacation.

A man on a Mediterranean cruise was lucky a Walla Walla fire captain was on board.

Captain Steve Sickles was lounging poolside when he noticed something wasn't right.

A crowd gathered around a man lying on a chair as the man's wife asked for help.

Captain Sickles sprung into action and realized the man had no pulse and had stopped breathing.

"His wife's kinda frantic or whatever and I said, you know I'm an EMT, I can help you. It was about eight minutes before any of the staff, medical staff on the ship actually got there," he said.

The man most likely would have died if not for the immediate help.

Captain Sickles has kept in touch with the man he helped rescue.
He tells us he is well on his way to a full recovery.