Waiting in line for days to get a deal

Waiting in line for days to get a deal »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. - The first group of holiday faithful started camping out Tuesday evening around 5pm.

Some told us they've been working part-time jobs throughout the year to save up for this big day.

They were ready: Bringing out the camping gear, setting up shop and skipping Thanksgiving turkey to get the best deal.

Oscar Perez was first in line. He said, "I look forward to this day more than my birthday. Like my birthday was coming up and I was like I'm just not as excited as I am for black Friday. Even hours like yesterday I was just, like, I need to go now."

Shoppers have been lining up ever since. The rush to be first in line is always part of the game.

Victor Macias showed up right after Oscar. He said,"First would have been better though. When I looked over here I saw somebody slouched down with all the pile of stuff there and I was like, aw, second, second."

The store officially opens Thursday at midnight.