WSDOT already de-icing state roads

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Freezing temperatures and moisture make for dangerous driving conditions. The mix of snow and rain we could get will only make things more treacherous.

Driver, Cathryn Smith said, " It was like way below freezing this morning."

It will only get colder. It may already feel like Winter and for the DOT, there's no better time to get roads prepped. State Crews spent the day laying down de-icer.

Larry Wilhelm,DOT Maintenance Supervisor, said, "If it says it's going to be frosty, we're out checking overheads. We're out. We would pre-treat the night before if we thought we were getting a little moisture and the temperatures were supposed to be down."

Cathryn recalls one scary drive. She said, "I was going down a little bit of an incline and turned a corner and the car was spinning out."

That's what Larry Wilhelm's DOT team is trying to prevent. They've been hitting the streets for the past few days. Keeping a running log of roads that have been treated, and closely watching areas that pose the most dangers, like overpasses, bridges and dips where ice can collect. Drivers are kept updated online.

This is all good news for Cathryn Smith. She drives from Oregon to the west side of Washington regularly. Despite the care taken by crews, Cathryn says some drivers get way too confident.

"Some fool is gonna drive 60 miles an hour across the bridge and spin out, and there's always fools", she said.

Freezing fog was the problem Monday.

"It drops in a little mile section here and there and it holds cold temperatures," said Larry.

Add that to moisture from rain and you have the recipe for black ice.

"I want to be safe," said Cathryn.

It's why road crews are working while you're sleeping, even if there's no snow.