Volunteers bring community gardens to Richland

Volunteers bring community gardens to Richland
Richland, Wash. -- If you're traveling down Steven's Drive, you might see a new addition to the intersection at Catskill.

Richland approved a master plan for the triangle which included planters for a community garden. Home Depot donated several thousand dollars of material for the project and the local LDS Church provided the labor.

Local community members are excited to start using thew gardens.

"We got two little kids that would love to plant. they're in the gardening stage right now, so they love to watch things grow. So I think it'd be a great opportunity to come over here, plant some stuff, and just watch it grow, you know?" says Dylan Von Olnhausen

The group also put in another garden on Gage Boulevard.

The city works with community groups to help save tax-payer money. An estimated cost of the materials and labor is around three-thousand dollars.