Mom dies despite son's heroic efforts

Mom dies despite son's heroic efforts »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. - Over the weekend we were thrilled to share the news that an eleven-year old boy was credited with saving his mom's life after he found her unconscious.

This is why we are so saddened to tell you the mom didn't make it, she passed away over the weekend.

Her son's efforts are no less heroic.

Close to 85,000 emergency calls flood into the Benton County Emergency Services Center each year. More than half are bogus.

Not in the case of an eleven-year-old boy arrived home from school on Friday to find his mother unconscious. She was at their apartment off Van Giesen.

The child immediately called 9-1-1.

The dispatcher walked the child through the steps to perform CPR.
With her help, he was able to keep his mom alive long enough for emergency crews to arrive. She had a pulse when she went to the hospital.

Jim Barber runs the dispatch unit. He's heard many young callers on the line, but this was unique.

He said, "Children, a lot of times are a little more difficult than others, in this particular case I listened to the call, this was a very mature eleven-year old, very calm."

KEPR did talk with several neighbors, none of which wanted to go on camera but did tell us they didn't know very much about the woman. She mainly kept to herself and stayed inside. What they did know of the family well, has already been told through the heroism of her son."

They also knew she had a chronic illness. This may be why her son responded so quickly. He knew where to find his mother's medical information.

The dispatcher who took the call didn't want to be interviewed.
But we're told she was the volunteer of the year for the American Red Cross in the past.

Jim said,"She did her job, she did it well."

Just as that little boy did.

Neighbors tell KEPR the boy may have learned CPR at day camp.

He is now staying with his father.