Triple Homicide: One victim's family speaks out

Triple Homicide: One victim's family speaks out »Play Video

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Three families are coping with the loss of the young people found dead in rural Benton County over the weekend. Autopsies were performed Monday but information won't be released until Tuesday. KEPR spoke to the family of victim, Victoria Torres.

"I keep hearing her say Tia...Tia...or her laugh...her crazy little laugh...she was just a happy person and I don't understand why somebody would do this...very happy person," said Victoria's cousin, Mona Fuentes.

Three cousins can only stare at the photo of Victoria Torres and ask whether they could have prevent this.

"I feel like I could have stopped her and told her don't do drugs, don't do it, please don't go down the wrong road. But instead, I just told her I won't judge you because I've been down that road, I just wish I could tell her I'm sorry," said Fuentes.

19-year old Victoria Torres was one of three young people found dead Saturday morning on Easterday Farms.

Deputies have released little information about the crime, only to say it was a homicide, and not a murder-suicide.

"How does someday do this to three people? And just be like...look at them, I mean do you not have a heart? Do you not have...feelings?"

Investigators confirm the killer is still out there, but insist the public shouldn't be worried about their own safety. Victoria was registered to attend Pasco High this fall. She lived with her grandma. Her cousins say Victoria's mother was in and out of her life, and is currently in jail.

Andrea says deputies talked to Victoria's mother and provided some details of her daughter's death.

"They found her tied with her hands behind her back and on her knees with her head down into the ground, her and the young man. They said they were both tied down and suffocating into the dirt I believe or maybe they were already dead and then put them in that position, I don't really know," said another cousin, Andrea Sanchez.

The cousins don't know the manner of death. Together, they couldn't pinpoint just one thing they will miss about her.

"Her voice...her laugh...her calling me Tia...just seeing her, and her saying, you're dumb Alex...laughing...her brother Alex."

The cousins say, just a week before her death, Victoria had miscarried a baby she was thrilled to be expecting. And now this young life, taken too soon.

The other two victims are 23-year old Abigail Torres and 23-year old David Perez Saucedo. Abigail and Victoria were not related. We reached out to the other victims' families but could not reach anyone. Results on the autopsies of all three are expected tomorrow.

If you want to help Victoria's family with funeral costs, click here.