Triple Homicide: Investigators looking for at least one suspect

Triple Homicide: Investigators looking for at least one suspect »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- KEPR is continuing to follow the triple homicide investigation out of Benton County. Information is still slim, but we now know the three victims' names and ages.

So many questions remain unanswered after three bodies were found early Saturday morning on Easterday Farms in rural Benton County.

"A farm worker came across two bodies and deputies arrived soon after that and discovered a third body," said Benton County Lietuenant Chuck Jones.

We now know the names and ages of the three people that were killed. Victoria Torres, 19, Abigail Torres, 23, and David Perez Saucedo, 23. There is no relation between the two female victims.

"The investigation is going gangbusters right now. It's by no means stagnant. We have lots of information and leads that we're working," said Lt. Jones.

The commercial farm is located a couple miles Southeast of the intersection at Nine Canyon Road and Coffin Road. Lieutenant Jones confirmed this is a triple homicide and they are looking for at least one suspect.

"There's at least one or more people out there that have committed a murder and they're actively being pursued by law enforcement. They're obviously a threat to law enforcement as we try to apprehend them. The public in general should not be concerned," said Lt. Jones.

Benton County Sheriffs are unable to say right now if this crime is gang or drug-related. They are trying to remain tight-lipped throughout the investigation for the sake of catching the ones responsible.

"The complexity of the investigation is causing us to withhold most of the information that can be released to the public cause we didn't want to taint the investigation. We want to solve this for the victims and their families and their friends," said Lt. Jones.

Hours and hours of overtime are being put in by local law enforcement as well as the state crime lab to solve this complex crime as quickly and efficiently as possible.

An autopsy for the victims is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Monday. Officials say they will release more information as it becomes available or necessary.