Trial continues for Pasco man accused of attempted murder

Trial continues for Pasco man accused of attempted murder »Play Video
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Franklin County jurors saw secretly recorded home videos and heard about cell phone records that could implicate Todd Stuart in a plot to kill his mother-in-law.

Stuart is facing first degree attempted murder charges for the death of Judy Hebert.
Today's testimony focused on cell phone records between Todd and his estranged wife, Tashia.

In addition to cell phone video taken inside Hebert's home. Prosecutors say they show the plot to steal money from the woman's safe. That is considered the motive for Hebert's death.

"They'd have it made. Set up an accident. We get the benefits of the home. Get the benefits of the safe and the other property," said prosecutor Shawn Sant.

Stuart's wife is charged with the actual murder of her mother. She is seen on video in Hebert's closet hiding behind clothes, trying to position her phone to take shots of Hebert entering her safe combination.

The entire video lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Defense attorneys say this video simply shows Tashia was the mastermind.

"She called Rolf Hebert and was hysterical saying I need the combination to the safe not Todd Stuart," said defense attorney Jeffrey Robinson.

Tashia Stuart faces premeditated murder charges for the shooting death of her mother.

Prosecutors believe Todd was part of an unsuccessful plan to kill Hebert before Tashia went through with it.

An alleged jailhouse snitch is expected to take the stand tomorrow to testify against Todd Stuart.