Trial begins for accused accomplice to murder

Trial begins for accused accomplice to murder
PASCO, Wash. - Todd Stuart is being tried separately from his wife but his defense appears to be pinning the whole thing on her.

Prosecutors insist this was a joint effort.

Franklin County prosecutor Shawn Sant stated, "This plan to basically find a way that they could get access to her money, access to will, access to documents, access to other valuables in the safe that was in the home."

Stuart's attorney argues Tashia Stuart is unstable and Todd is merely another one of her victims.

"Remember this word, shazam, because that word will lead you into a clear statement of how Tashia Stuart was not conspiring with Todd Stuart for anything," stated Jeffrey Robinson, Stuart's attorney.

Todd Stuart pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

His trial is expected to last three weeks.