Track crime in your neighborhood

Track crime in your neighborhood
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - The KEPR Crime Tracker learned more homes are being broken into in recent weeks compared to years past.

We tracked the latest crime spree using a tool you can use, too.

Nash Gonzales has lived in Pasco all his life. He's seen the Tri-Cities change and not always for the better.

He said, "I don't feel safe walking the streets, there's too many kinda shady people walking around."

He keeps a tight watch over his house. Nash says he's not paranoid, just overly cautious.

"Everything is locked. Windows, everything, the cars are locked, shed's locked, everything's locked up,"he said.

For good reason, too. Many thefts happen when people leave those places unlocked. We looked into the recent reports of crime in all three cities combined.

In the past two weeks two dozen homes and 40 cars were broken into. There were close to 50 cases of theft were reported and 20 cars stolen.

We used the website to get this information. You can see what's going on where you live just by entering your address.

Not only does the website tell you what was happening, it shows you where.

Police hope you'll use this information to make yourself a less attractive target.

Nash said,"I work too hard for things for someone to take it away or damage it."

You do too. It's why law enforcement is arming you with as much information, to keep you safe.

The RAIDS website is used by all police agencies, including West Richland.

It's already on our website, KEPRTV.COM, just look for newslinks.