Tips to beat the triple digit temps

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Yakima, WASH. -- A heat wave in the middle of summer is nothing new. However a few days with triple digit temps are likely on their way.

Rhonda Collis says she won't take any chances.

"I make sure that I'm staying cool, no matter, I'm pouring water on myself," Rhonda said.

Rhonda knows how dangerous the high temps can be. She suffered a heat stroke years ago while working construction.

"Totally disoriented, I wasn't aware, I couldn't make myself sit up," Rhonda said.

Heat is still dangerous even after you step inside. Doctors say you can suffer a heat stroke even up to 30 minutes after cooling down. The symptoms described by Rhonda are a key indicator of a problem.

"Ya look at the person and they're not making any sense when they speak, they're incomprehensible sounds, you pretty much know that something serious is going on," said Dr. John Zambito.

If you find you're constantly patting yourself down with an ice pack that's melting, here's a quick tip on making a cooling pack at home. Simply mix some rubbing alcohol with water and place it in a plastic bag, then place it in the freezer. The alcohol will keep the ice frozen much longer.

Fire crews say the extreme heat also raises the risk of a brush fire. All those grass clippings or piles of paper inside your garbage could be a tinder box. Firefighters want you to water down the inside of the bags or garbage can to make them less likely to catch on fire.

But the best advice, stay inside as much as you can.

"We're even cutting it shorter to go back in to the pool," Rhonda said.