Tips for holiday travel

Tips for holiday travel
PASCO, Wash. -- Another holiday season is here. That means many of you will be taking off to spend it with family and friends. KEPR looked into what you need to know if you are flying somewhere this week.

San Antonio, Kansas City, and Mission Viejo -- just a few of the places passengers are headed to this week. Everyone with their fingers crossed, hoping they can avoid the stress that comes with airports.

"Well we just got off three planes and it was very nice and easy and I was surprised considering the holidays that it was that easy to navigate through all the airports," said Cynthia Ramsdell.

But lucky for all the Sunday travelers. they avoided the busiest travel days of the year by flying out a few days early. Airport officials say the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving are the most hectic.

The airport manager says it's not just an increase in the amount of people traveling for the holidays, but the amount of family and friends that tag along for the pick up and drop off that adds to the congestion.

So what can you do to help eliminate some of the traveling stress?
Get to the airport two hours ahead of your flight. Officials say there's a lot of early morning departures so this is especially crucial for you.

Some other tips:

- If you're bringing gifts, security advises you bring them unwrapped.

- Feel free to bring pies and cakes with you - as long as they meet TSA requirements.

- And don't forget about the liquid rule for carry're allowed a one-quart bag with liquids under 3.4oz or 100 milliliters.

Lauren Kuciniski says she followed the rules and appreciates the size of the Tri-Cities Airport.

"It also helps that its really small too, you don't have to worry about walking the terminals or missing your gate..there's only three gates," she said.

If you were looking to catch a flight last minute, Tri-Cities Airport Officials say you probably won't be able to. Every flight is practically at full capacity.