TSA expedited screening comes to Pasco

TSA expedited screening comes to Pasco »Play Video
A Transportation Security Officer works at the Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ann Johansson, File)
PASCO, Wash. -- A new option to get through security faster is coming to the Tri-Cities Airport - and you can apply now. It's the TSA PreCheck program.

You must meet certain qualifications. If you're approved, you won't need to remove your belt, shoes or laptop before going through security.

Frequent flyers told us they're looking forward to the new option.

"It took ten minutes or so, which isn't bad in the Tri-Cities, but most of the time you can just walk through, so that's what we became accustomed to," said Mason McCurley.

"A lot faster, a lot less hassle, and you don't lose things," said Pat Schweige.

A pre-check would qualify you for more than 100 airports around the country. There's a non-refundable $85 fee attached to it.