TRIDEC working to make Columbia Basin like Napa Valley

TRIDEC working to make Columbia Basin like Napa Valley »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- TRIDEC has a new plan to bring more homegrown restaurants to the Tri-Cities.

The project is called Fabreo. It stands for Food and Beverage Retention and Expansion Opportunity. TRIDEC is almost finished surveying 100 companies, 70 wineries and 30 restaurants, about their growth plans, hiring plans, and what the community can do to help them. Many have mentioned hospitality training, culinary training, and high-tech training.

"A lot of things that keep coming up, we just need to develop more of a culinary culture, a food culture here in the Tri-Cities, traffic, they all want to bring more people in, at least the wineries do, of course the hotels and restaurants, especially wineries would like to have more boutique hotels, and more boutique restaurants, and we're seeing some of that happen right now," said the TRIDEC Director of Business Retention and Expansion, Gary White.

The website will be up and running by the end of the month. The goal is to create jobs, bring in more mom and pops, and fewer chains, as well as make the Columbia Basin a world renowned region.