Suspected teen arsonist arrested

Suspected teen arsonist arrested
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A young teen is accused of torching homes in a Kennewick neighborhood. He faces multiple counts of arson. The most recent case left a family without a home.

"Shock and surprise. How did we not know this was going on?" said neighbor Joanne Andrick.

She and her husband Bill can't believe they didn't know about the neighborhood arsonist.

"I think that's the bad part. You just don't know never know," said Bill.

They live around the corner from the most recent home that was torched on South Palouse Place. Police blame a 14-year old boy.
Many neighbors I spoke with believe they know exactly who it is. One neighbor even told me part of their fence melted from a different house set on fire in September. They didn't want to go on camera but said the recent fires have made them consider tighter security and better home owner's insurance.

While some neighbors we spoke with said they knew about the arsonist, others did not. They're wondering why they never received a warning sign. But they say they're happy he was caught, because they could have been next.

"For me, you could have all the insurance in the world and be alarmed to the gills, and you can still have your house be burned down," said Joanne.

"This young man needs some help, clearly, this can be somewhat of a psychological situation. Why does a person like to start a fire and watch things burn?" said Sgt. Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department.

The most recent victims are unable to live in their home. The inside of the home was destroyed -- but can be rebuilt.

"If there's anything anybody can do to help them...I mean neighbors are neighbors...we're pretty tight around here," said Bill.

"As long as the people are OK, that's the most important thing, cause your memories are there, they don't have to be on paper, they're in your heart and in your mind," said Joanne.

And everyone is okay -- and sleeping a little easier knowing a suspected arsonist was caught.

Police are continuing to investigate other arson in the area to see if the same teen could be responsible.