Superintendents roll out attendance initiative

Superintendents roll out attendance initiative »Play Video
TRI-CITIES -- There's a new effort to keep kids from missing school. Studies found you can tell if a student will graduate high school more from their attendance in ninth grade -- rather than their test scores in eighth grade.

Two local superintendents rolled out a new attendance initiative today. It was announced at the "Live United" celebration. They hope to work with local businesses to offer incentives for good attendance.

"The unique thing about this is the community, through united way, is coming together and saying, "we're going to support this too. business are are going to get involved in sponsoring various kinds of attendance improvement efforts at various schools," says Dave Bond, Superintendent for the Kennewick School District.

The initiative is still in its infancy, but the goal is to have kids miss no more than nine days in a school year.