Snow disrupts Tri-Cities

Snow disrupts Tri-Cities
TRI- CITIES, Wash. -- The snow quickly caused dozens of accidents shortly after it started falling Thursday.

The first significant snowfall of the season left upwards of three inches in some spots around the Tri-Cities.

"It was bad, I didn't even want to drive, I got to go places and drive around and it was very slippery. I actually almost crashed," said Zazueta Alexandro.

That was an "almost" but dozens of others weren't so lucky.
Kennewick responded to 30 accidents since Thursday afternoon.
Richland, about half that. Just a couple in Pasco, but 55 on state roads. More than one person rolled their car on slick highways.

Enrique Carter has a trick for keeping his car grounded.
"I have about eight 40-pound bags in the back, so that increases the traction with the vehicle so I'm not sliding around," said Carter.

A few inches of snow didn't delay things too long at the airport.
Crews needed just another 20 minutes to de-ice the planes.

Many people were just excited to get their first significant snow of the season.

"We decided to take him sledding down Carmichael hill for the first time and he loves it," said Holly Mejia.

With more snow into the weekend -- it will give kids more chances to take advantage of the fun.